TRLT This Week 

Can you guys believe the first week of January is already over? Time seriously flies and I can’t handle it sometimes.

This week was spent mostly taking care of my grandmother and nothing else which is totalllly fine with me! This upcoming week is my last at home before I’m back at school for my last semester of undergrad *cue the tears*. 

SUNDAY // January 1, 2017 

Hmmmm what did I do Sunday? It was New Years Day and I came over to my grandmothers to take care of her. She was very tired and in a lot of pain so I cleaned for her and made sure she was comfortable. I also set my good reads reading challenge to 52 books for the year! Wish me luck! And follow me if you would like to stay updated on my progress and short book reviews! 


My mom had the day off (love those days) and we again, hung at Nonna’s taking care of her. I read a lot on this day! 


I realize I have like 4 pictures total from this week and I apologize for that! It’s just been low key because I’m helping Nonna out. Anyway, Nonna had to go get blood work done today so I had a short break and took a nap while she was gone. I’ve been so exhausted lately and I think it’s mix of emotional exhaustion and stress/anxiety. It kinda sucks the life out of you. 


I woke up not feeling too good on Wednesday so I was with Nonna for a few hours and then my mom sent me home because she didn’t want to risk me getting my grandmother sick. That night, me, my brother and his girlfriend went to Fridays because we wanted dessert so bad and we ended up getting appetizers, meals and dessert. The Oreo madness is really yummy there! No pictures because I literally devoured it in 4 minutes. 


I had to go to Target to grab a few things and I spent time roaming the aisles because I hadn’t been there since Thanksgiving Break (shocking I know!) I bought a few cute things like a mug and mini wall calendar. Then we had dinner at Nonna’s. 

I went home that night and read in bed until midnight. I was sooo tired and it was hard to keep my eyes open but I needed to stay up to listen to Ed Sheeran’s new song releases. Once midnight hit I listened to both songs and started crying. I ended up staying up for three more hours because I was so wired from excitement (I have a problem but I don’t even mind). Castle on the Hill and Shape of You are so incredible you guys! Make sure to go and listen to them!! 


I literally cannot remember one thing from Friday and the only picture I have is this cute picture of Toby! 


Snow day!! It was snowing all day outside so we stayed cozy in Nonna’s house and we watched a lot of HGTV and I read a lot! I ended up staying the night because it was really bad out! I loveeeeee snow days so much! Give me blizzards every day! 

That’s it for today! I have a lot I need to accomplish today so I should probably get out of bed and make a plan! See ya tomorrow! 



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