5 on Friday

One. Super Bowl Champs | The Patriots won the Superbowl on Sunday and the city of Boston celebrated hard at the beginning of the week. I was too sick to go to a superbowl party but I watched the game and was so into it come the end! I was happy because two of my classes were cancelled because of the parade! Great job Pats!

Two. Grampy
| my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer back in March and it has been a tough journey. But in August he was told he was cancer free. Unfortunately he was brought back to the hospital because he was having symptoms of a stroke. They found a mass on his brain and we are waiting to hear what the next step is. This is very personal, but I’m sharing because I hope you can all say a prayer or two for him. Love you Grampsđź’™

Three. The Fosters | I’ve been rewatching The Fosters recently because I wanted a refresh before the new season started and I forgot how incredible this show actually is! I promise it’s worth the watch! Definitely check it out on Netflix if you’re in need of a new show!

Four. Snow days | Thursday was a snow day for us and I came home Wednesday night to hang with my family! It’s my mom and step dads birthday weekend and I’m happy to have the extra two days to spend with them! I love snow days! I hope we get a few more before spring is upon us!

Five. My health | I’m so happy to finally be over the flu. I still have a sinus infection and a small cough but I’m feeling soooo much better! That was the worst week ever and I’m just so happy to be healthy again!

That’s if for today! What were some of your weekly highlights?! Let’s chat!


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