Septoplasty Surgery: My Experience and One Week Update

Hey friends! As some of you may know, I had surgery last week on my deviated septum. I know I had millions of questions about this somewhat common surgery and am still doing research to learn more about it, so I figured sharing my experience would be helpful for anyone looking into doing the same thing. So, here is my one week update! Just remember, everyone is different and every experience will be different!

Why did I get the Surgery?: Well, for a while now I’ve been having a really hard time breathing out of my nose. It’s been years of me thinking that it was just constant allergies and crappy sinus infections. Every single time I got a cold, I would be stuffed up for weeks and would have horrible sinus pressure that lasted wayyyy to long. I finally decided to go to an ear, throat and nose doctor because I have chronic ear pain and while I was there they checked my nose and told me I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose and it all clicked. That was the side I could not breathe out of, that was why my colds lasted so long and why I kept getting sinus infections. It was really starting to effect me because I was out of breath doing anything, even walking 4 minutes to class. So, I decided that this would make my quality of life so much better and decided to schedule the surgery right before my spring break so I could finally breathe better. This surgery does not change the shape of your nose. Trust me, I asked for a nose job while they were at it and they said no, hahaha. 

What Happened During the Surgery?: Well, obviously I was asleep so I don’t really know exactly what happened, but this is what my surgeon told my mom. The surgery took an hour and 45 minutes (they’re usually an hour) because my septum was a lot worse than they thought. Also, my doctor wanted to check my adenoids while I was asleep because he had a feeling those were the cause of my ear pain. So, while I was under, they fixed my deviated septum and ended up shaving a large portion of my adenoids because they were so big.

What were your concerns?: The only thing I was even remotely worried about was going under anesthesia and being nauseous after. I’ve never had a surgery before, so this was something new and I hated not knowing what would happen. I asked a million people for advice and didn’t sleep because I was petrified of being put to sleep and then waking up and getting sick. The nurses I had were incredible and they gave me medicine through my IV to prevent me from getting sick when I woke up and also a motion sickness patch for behind my ear. They were both so helpful and as soon as I woke up I asked to eat because I was so hungry! Also, they gave me some really good anxiety meds right before the surgery and I was on cloud 9! Nothing to be nervous about now that I’ve done it!

What was Recovery like?: I’m still recovering, it’s only been a week! But, it was okay, then kind of rough, then REALLY rough, and okay again. So the first few days the only thing that hurt was my throat from the shaving of my adenoids. My nose was tender and uncomfortable but it didn’t really hurt. I only bled a little but for the first day and by the second I stopped wearing the nose gauze because the bleeding stopped completely. I was really uncomfortable because my neck was so sore from sleeping on two pillows. I usually sleep on my stomach on one pillow but I had to be elevated on my back the first night and I got a stiff neck and that hurt more than my nose!

Then after the first few days my nose really started to hurt. It was hard because (not to be gross but….) the blood in your nose dries and hardens and you really can’t do anything about it because you cannot blow your nose for like 10 days after surgery. So not only is that really uncomfortable but it makes your nose throb, too. However, the pain medicine + tylenol really helped keep me comfortable for the most part. You’ll also probably have a really dry throat because your nose is so stuffy while you sleep, so that kind of sucks too. Popsicles and water were my best friend this week.

My worst day/night was the Monday after my surgery so 5 days after. I was in so much pain and my medicine was not helping. I even called the doctor to make sure it was normal and their response was “yes the amount of pain your feeling is normal considering the amount of work they did”. I didn’t fall asleep until 4 am because I was in so much pain. I think that was the worst of it because Tuesday I was in a little pain, but it was tolerable.

What Advice would you give someone looking to get this surgery?: I have a few things!

  1. If you have no pain tolerance, use your pain medicine. It will keep you comfortable and waiting to take it will only make the pain worse. I would try and wait it out but it only made the pain worse.
  2. Don’t eat anything too hot while your nose is bleeding. It can make your nose run and cause more blood to come out.
  3. Sneeze with your mouth open — it really hurts if you don’t!
  4. Ice your face. I didn’t do this and I was really swollen for a few days.
  5. Try not to cry — A weird one but as soon as I saw my mom after the surgery I started to cry because I was so happy to see her and it instantly made my nose stuffy.
  6. Sleep a lot, it will make you feel better.
  7. Take about a week off if possible. It’s already been a week but I still don’t feel 100%.

Is it worth it?: I mean, I’m still in pain and stuffy, but like I’ve said it’s only been a week. The surgeon said it will take about a month before I notice a difference, so I’ll update you all then. But I’m really hoping it was worth it! Especially because they did work on both my deviated septum and my adenoids! I’m thinking this will put a stop to my chronic ear pain and millions of sinus infections and will make allergy season a little easier on me! We shall see…

Any questions? Make sure to leave them in the comments! Also, if you’ve ever had a septoplasty surgery, let me know!



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  1. Surgery is never fun but it sounds like you’ve been really brave through the whole experience! I’m glad you will be able to feel better once you’re done healing. 🙂

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