A New Era: The Post-Grad Life

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Hi everyone! Recognize me? I used to be The Road Less Traveled and now that I’m about to graduate college (less than a week!) I’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade the blog. So here are some of the changes!

  1. A new domain name: This blog can now be found at http://www.kailamallard.com (thats my name incase you were wondering!)
  2. A new title: The Post-Grad Life, because lets be honest here… Post-grad is a S T R U G G L E and a half. I’m learning to navigate it, along with so many other college grads! Lets do it together!
  3. New Social Media usernames: Instagram: @kailablogs Twitter: @kailablogs Pinterest: kailablogs
  4. New blog posts & other fun projects: I have a lot of ideas in the works! I’ll keep ya posted on this one 😉

I’m so excited for this new journey in my life and I hope you’re excited to follow along!


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