A Love Letter to the Past 5 Years

When I think of these past five years, so many emotions and thoughts run through me. College has been the most fun, stressful, hard, and incredible period of my life. Tomorrow, I walk across the stage and receive my diploma after five years of hard work and I could not feel any more emotions than I am at this moment.

5 years ago I was a very different person. I left high school after 4 years of suffering, anxiety and just an awful time to go to college and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would make it through. But, I was so excited for new experiences, new friends, and to live in the center of Boston. I remember counting down the days with my freshman year roommate before we moved in. Our first night in the dorms we got locked behind a door that wouldn’t open from the inside and we had to wait a long time until someone finally heard us yelling to let us out. What a wild first night!

I entered school as a history major and loved my classes. I made some friends but after my roommate transferred I really felt out of place. I honestly considered commuting the next year and then transferring after the first semester. Suffolk University didn’t feel like home to me.

Even thought I was planning on transferring, I changed my major to Media Studies and got a job in the city so I decided to put my name on the housing waitlist. Luckily, I ended up living in the dorms last minute my sophomore year and was placed in a room with a freshman. I had to move in a day later than her and I remember walking into our room and seeing a bunch of drawings on the wall. I was amazed by my roommates talent and I hadn’t even met her yet. Later that night, we bonded over Pretty Little Liars and YouTube and the rest was history. Not only did Brenna become my best friend and one of my rocks throughout college, she became family.

I met so many incredible people my sophomore year. My floor was a huge family. We would hang out in the common room every single night until 2 am together. We ate dinner together almost every night, we sat in our room and watched FRIENDS from the beginning together. We made incredible memories and spent every day together. My 7th floor family was the best. I became best friends with Brenna and our hall mate Rachel. Always together and always having fun. Sophomore year was absolutely incredible.

Sophomore year was also when I joined Theta Phi Alpha. I went t0 recruitment with my friend Kim and after the first night I knew it was my home. I called my mom and told her if I got in I was staying at Suffolk and not transferring. I found my place when I was extended a bid. Theta Phi helped me break out of my shell. I had always been so quiet and afraid of what people thought of me, but I knew my sisters always would have my back. And they did. I could write a whole novel on my experiences with TPA and how incredible my journey was. I’ll save that for another post. I got to be a part of such a great organization with my best friends. I gained an incredible person to have by my side forever, Kiernan. Who is everything a Theta Phi Alpha should be. The best!

Junior year rolled around and I lucked out with housing. I couldn’t live with Brenna and Rachel but I ended up across the hall from them so it worked out in the end. I switched my major AGAIN to Applied Legal Studies (#reasonswhyIstayedanextrayear) and was working so hard in school. Sorority life was great, I was making even more friends and loving life. I met one of my best friends, Alex, this year and am so grateful I did because she is literally an angel.

Senior year rolled around and I moved into an apartment with Brenna and Rachel. I felt like such an adult and I will definitely miss living in Beacon Hill once our lease ends. Living in such a historic part of Boston has been so fun for me. I switched my major back to History because I realized after an internship that I did not want to be a lawyer. And I’m so glad I did. During this time, I realized I would have to stay another year at school if I switched my major back to history. I knew from that moment that it was the right decision for me. If I hadn’t done that, I would never have been Secretary of my Sorority, I would never have worked with the Historian of the Omni Parker House and I would have never had such incredible Professors that have taught me so much. I became bffe’s with my “Trolls” who I love so dearly. They make me laugh life no one else — Alyssa, Ariana, Sam, and Emelia, I love you guys!

Senior year was also the year I became friends with one of my sorority sisters named Katie. Katie and I bonded over Ed Sheeran one night and the rest is history. I could sit and tell you all about my absolute best friend for hours on end because she is just so incredible. She has been with me since that day through thick and thin and I honestly don’t think I would have survived this extra year of college without her. My rock, my best friend and my sister! I would be so lost without her.

Super Senior year rolled around and even though it was one of the most difficult years of my life, I got really good grades, made even more friends, got extremely close with more of my sisters, Gina, Jessie and my INCREDIBLE little Melanie, who came into my life this year when I needed someone like her the most. She is actually the best person on Earth and I am so grateful to have her in my life forever.

This year has been a roller coaster. I’m still not sure I believe that it is truly over. I don’t think my true feelings will hit me until all of my friends are going back to school in September and I wont be joining them. I just can’t believe I’m actually done with college.

I don’t know what these next few months hold for me. The unknown after graduation is such a scary thought and I’m not sure if I can handle it just yet. But, I am so grateful to have had the experiences I have. I’ve become a much better friend, stronger person, smarter person, and all-around happier person because of my college experience.

I’m pretty happy I don’t have to call my mom sobbing over my paper and test anxiety for awhile, but I’ll miss the every day moments. The days where I get lunch with Gina or go the library with Katie as we cry over homework. The nights where Brenna and I just stay up and sing random songs until she falls asleep on me. The Chapter meetings where I sit in a room with all of my sisters and my heart swells up. The times where I go out with Alex and then complain that I want to go home to bed. The Big/Little moments with Melanie. Skipping class with Alyssa (sorry mom!) or sitting in class with Kiew and taking pictures of her when she wasn’t looking.

These moments, my favorite memories, are all thanks to these past 5 years. I just can’t believe they’re finally over.

Thank you Suffolk University, for giving me such an incredible college experience. I will miss you so much. More than you will know.

Cheers to these past 5 years and cheers to the future!

Love love love.


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  1. Mary Jo Veader says: Reply

    You’re a remarkable young lady. I can’t wait to see what you do. You’re Mom is so proud:) I know you don’t know me well, but i Feel like I know you because of the person your Mom is. Looking forward to your next chapter.
    Many Blessings to you,
    Mary Jo

  2. I loved reading this Kaila! It made me get all nostalgic about my own uni experience. I had the best years of my life while I was at uni. I lived with so many different people, stayed up late watching movies all the time, going for snack runs to the local convenience store, uni parties every Thursday night, and many library dates with friends. It’s sad to think we’ll never get those days back, but the memories made are completely priceless.

    I’ve been out of uni for just over a year now. It’s definitely a different chapter and it took me a while to adapt to the ‘real world’, but I love this one just as much now.
    Amanda xx

    1. kailamallard says: Reply

      Thanks so much! That is so great to hear, I’m hoping I love this new chapter as much as the last!! xo

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