5 on Friday (Music Edition)

Today’s 5 on Friday features 5 songs I’ve been loving lately!!

One. Slow Hands- Niall Horan | This.Song. is amazinggggg you guys. Like, I’m so obsessed with it! Niall just sounds so good in it! If you haven’t listened yet, you need to! Here he is performing it on The Tonight Show and he looks so good doing it, too 🙂

Two. Barcelona- Ed Sheeran | GUYS, ED SINGS IN SPANISH IN THIS. I love so much about this song, the lyrics, the melody, everything! But I especially love the fact that Ed sings parts of the song in another language. Can you say talented? I SURE CAN. (P.S his carpool karaoke comes out on Tuesday!!)

Three. No Vacancy- onerepublic | My all-time favorite band, so of course I’m loving this new song from them!

Four. Starving- Hailee Steinfeld | Love this song! Love Hailee Steinfeld! P.S Has anyone seen The Edge of Seventeen? She stars in it and it’s so good 10/10 recommend!

Five. HUMBLE- Kendrick Lamar | I just want to dance every time this song comes on, and I want to rap it haha! I’m still learning the lyrics! But still so good!

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