June Goals!

Happy (3rd) best month of the year and birthday month to me! I’m really in awe that it is already June! How did half the year already pass? It feels like it was just New Years Eve, am I right?!

Today I want to share my June goals with all of you, and I’m thinking of breaking them up into categories this time, just to shake things up a bit!


  1. Celebrate my 23rd birthday
  2. Study History every day
  3. Take the History MTEL and pass it
  4. Start re-doing my room
  5. Read 4-5 books
  6. Make a vision board


Blog/Social Media

  1. Stick to my blog schedule for the month
  2. Work on posts ahead of time
  3. Tweet more (follow me!)
  4. Work on Instagram growth (follow me!)


  1. Sign up for the gym
  2. Go to spin classes
  3. Try and start meditating
  4. Go on a hike


That’s it for this month! What is the one goal you really want to accomplish this month? I think mine would be to take and pass the MTELs!!



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