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I pretty much have two passions in life (other than obsessing over Ed Sheeran): History and Social Media. I can remember working on a project in 2nd grade with my dad, a fellow History lover, on Paul Revere and knowing right then and there that it would always be my favorite school subject. So, when I decided to enter college as a history major, I knew I would enjoy every class I would eventually end up taking. I loved learning and even more than that, I loved sharing what I was learning with just about anyone who would listen. Discussions on historic events were some of my most favorite to have and taking time outside of school to read and learn even more about history was something I always enjoyed.

Throughout the years I’ve also found a love for social media and sharing my life through this blog, Instagram, twitter, and even YouTube at one time! My passion for this has only grown over-time.

So, as I continue to figure out life, I was brainstorming a few ways I could combine the two. I already know that many museums and historic sites have their own social media accounts along with blogs of their own. I used to hope to work for one, but realized teaching might be a better fit for me.

But, what better way than to combine my two passions on this blog? I decided it would be fun to start a blog series where I can share history with my fellow history buffs out there.

These posts will be sporadic, but I already have a bunch of ideas floating around in my mind! And living in Massachusetts gives me great opportunity to travel to many of the places I would like to share. And I’ll be able to tell the story of our history on this little corner of the internet.

I already have a few posts regarding historic houses on this blog, here and here but I stopped after a few. I would love to get back into it!

Maybe these could even be resources for students? Who knows! But either way, I will be sharing something I love. Along with the many other lifestyles posts I usually write!

So, if you’re excited about these posts, let me know! I’m really excited to combine my passions on this blog. I also started an Instagram account for Massachusetts History and I will be posting on their frequently! If you’d like to follow it click here! And if you have any topic suggestions let me know!



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