5 Things you Need in your College Backpack

When I was a freshman in college, I was so clueless as to what I needed and didn’t need for school supplies. I bought a binder, notebook and folder for each class, pens, pencils, multiple agendas, etc. Let’s not even get into what I bought for my dorm room that I never touched. Fast-forward five years later, I think I narrowed down the things I needed pretty well.

Being prepared for a long day on campus is essential. Its really hard to last through a day of classes if you don’t have everything you need. So, today I’m sharing 5 Things you Need to keep in your College Backpack that will only lead to success!


  1. Snacks
    -If you’re on campus all day and don’t have food to snack on throughout your classes, you will be miserable. It’s so easy to pack some carrot sticks, grapes or even chips in your bag so you always have something to munch on. I loved carrying luna bars with me (Nutz over Chocolate is my fave) because it was salty and sweet and curved every craving I had throughout the day!
  2. Water Bottle/Cup
    -Water bottles are always important too. I carried reusable tumblers or water bottles with me every single day and if I ever forgot it, I was miserable. Water is so important for your health (duh) so being able to sip and refill throughout the day is essential! You could always buy a water bottle on campus, but cute water bottles are so much more fun andddd better for the environment! Here are some options: Letter K | Paris | Mint | Quote

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  3. Mini Stapler 
    -My first day ever of college classes consisted of a professor who said that they would never accept un-stapled work, so you bet I brought my mini stapler and staples with me in my backpack every single day, just incase I forgot to staple something the night before. Stapler
  4. Hand Sanitizer
    -Lets face it, the world is dirty. Germs are everywhere, and when you’re living in a dorm or in close quarters with so many people, it’s really easy for germs to spread and for you to get sick. Bath and Body Works sells so many different scents for hand sanitizers and they even sell cute cases to put them in and clip easily onto your bag or backpack. Sanitizers | Cases
  5. Tide to Go
    -Are you prone to spilling coffee or anything on your clothes? Tide to go is your solution to any stains you get during the school day! Tide to Go

Those are some of my backpack essentials! These items aren’t always top priority on school supply lists, but I promise they will come in handy!

What are some things you absolutely need in your bag or backpack for school?




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  1. I definitely always have snacks in my bag and cute water bottle!!! It’s a must haha😆

  2. Couldn’t agree with this more! Hand sanitizer is the one thing I always regret if I don’t have it. Feminine products are also a good idea to have on hand – your classmates will thank you for being the prepared friend one day.

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