Update | Dealing with My Anxiety and Mental Health

Good morning and happy Monday! I took a little “blog break” recently because if I’m being 100% honest, I’m just not really feeling it right now.

This past May I graduated college and since then my anxiety has flared up. I’ve talked about my anxiety before on here, and to recap quick: I have anxiety, really bad at some times. I had a great handle of it throughout college but as soon as I graduated and knew things were going to change I was just not okay.

This past summer was a S T R U G G L E. I was anxious 24/7, I cried every single day. I was so unhappy. Sometimes I still am. It’s hard going from being such a busy person and seeing your best friends every single day for years to moving back home to your parents, not having a job and rarely leaving your house because you are scared.

I decided to see a therapist again and although I’m on a wait list, I know that making this decision is so beneficial to my mental health. It’s always great to just have a third party to talk to about life and about ways to grab a hold of your problems. I look forward to starting this. Too personal? No. Everyone struggles and I know way too many people that choose not get help. I can’t just sit around and be sad all of the time. I did that in high school and I was the most miserable person in the world. I’ve learned that getting help is okay.

I decided to start grad school online right at the end of August and it really helped me feel like I have a purpose again, and that is something I needed. It’s still kind of weird doing all of my work online and not attending classes, but it’s really hard and I like the challenge.

I was starting to feel better. Still struggling, but not every single day. I’ve had to skip out on things because I was too nervous to do them. But, I’m hoping to get back on track eventually.

Anxiety really hurts my motivation, so if I’m slacking on here, I truly apologize. I have some fun ideas I want to try out soon, but I’m just trying to take each day one at a time.

I’m still pretty active on my instagram and twitter, I would love to chat with you!

I guess the point of this post was just for me to get my thoughts out. I haven’t really done that on here in awhile and it feels like a small weight has already been lifted off of my shoulders. If you’re struggling, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. I’m right there with you.



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