I Finished my First Semester of Grad School!

Happy Tuesday friends! I’m so excited today because I just completed my last assignment for my first semester of grad school and it feels soooooo good to be done!

I haven’t talked about grad school much on the blog because I just felt so lost during my first semester. I’m taking all of my classes online, but it is an accelerated grad program. So, I am doing about 40-50 hours of work a week for 10 weeks, then we get a week off, and then start the next term. If I complete all of these classes on time, I’ll have my master’s degree by next December. The thought is so crazy to me, but I’m feeling great about it right now.

I won’t lie to you. Grad school is hard. I am teaching myself everything instead of sitting in a classroom where a professor lectures. It is very different from undergrad. I think the hardest part was adjusting to this. I truly miss sitting in a room with a professor teaching me, and having that daily interaction with my peers and other students. I felt as though I always learned a lot from others. So, teaching myself everything is so different.

I am working really hard because I want to do well, and it takes a lot of time. I have had to sit and do work for hours upon hours every single day. I know it is worth it, but it was a difficult adjustment.

After my first term, I feel a lot more confident. There were so many breakdowns and tears. I was always questioning myself because nothing seemed perfect, and I strive for perfection when it comes to school. I’ve learned that it is okay to not be completely perfect. But it took a lot of self-control to not delete pages of my work and start over on every paper.

Overall, I’m happy! I am really proud of myself for going to grad school, even if it is draining me. I plan on taking the next week and a half to catch up on all of my tv shows (i’m so behind)!! And I want to read as much as possible!

Here’s to finishing my first term! Bring on the next one!





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