Healthy Habits to Keep Up This Winter

I don’t know about you, but during the winter, it is especially hard for me to stay active and be mindful of my health and wellness. All I want to do is stay in pajamas and drink hot chocolate. However, it’s so important to to keep up your healthy habits. Here are a few things you should keep doing during the winter to stay happy and healthy!


Eat Breakfast

You always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is so true! I always feel so much better after I eat breakfast. And to be honest, this is something I need to get better about. I was so good about eating breakfast every day during college, but for some reason now I can’t seem to keep up with it. But, I know I will feel so much better once I start doing it every single day. My go-to is multigrain waffles with peanut butter and a banana! So delicious!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It is recommended to drink half of your body weight in water every day and the benefits of doing it are amazing. Clear skin, more energy, helps promote weight loss and it flushes all of the bad toxins out of your body. I notice a huge difference in my energy and overall mood when I don’t drink enough water. Keep a cute tumbler or water bottled with you at all times and you’ll find yourself drinking more. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste of water, add fruit to it! There are so many yummy combinations you can come up with!

Get some Zzzzz’s

Ahhhhhhh Sleep. My favorite thing in the world. I love my sleep and I need it to function. This past summer I was having a lot of problems with my sleep and I was constantly miserable, anxious and so tired 24/7. I’ve finally gotten better about my sleep schedule and I feel so much better throughout the day. It is so important for your body to rest and recharge.


Pamper nights

I thrive off of relaxation and laying in bed with a good book at night motivates me to get things done throughout the day. I know the holiday’s can be extremely busy, but taking at least one night a week to pamper yourself and to take care of YOU is just as important. I love using face masks and drinking tea on pamper nights.

Get moving

Getting your body moving is obviously a great habit to get in to. Even if you work out for 20-30 minutes a few times a week, that’s better than nothing. Make sure to do some sort of activity that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping!

Treat Yo’ Self

You work hard, and it is the season of giving! It is always great to buy presents for your loved ones, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself a little too! Even if that is going to Starbucks to buy your favorite holiday drink! Health is all about moderation, and I promise you will be happier if you practice it!




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