2017 in Review

Happy New Years Eve, friends! I’m sitting down today to write out my 2017 Year in Review Post. I’ve done these for the past few years and it’s always so weird to go back and reflect on what I’ve done in 365 days.

I went back to my 2016 post, and I wrote that it had been an awful year. Well, 2017 now beat it! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great things happen this year, but also it was rough. My family had a lot going on, and on top of that, I had a lot going on with myself. Check out my 2016 Year in Review and my 2015 Year in Review



January was an awful month. In December 2016, we found out my grandmother had cancer, and she started chemo right after Christmas. It was so difficult to watch her go through it and I spent every single day with her until I went back to school. I started my last semester of undergrad, and set up some Resolutions for the year. I wanted to Thrive in 2017, that did not happen.
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February was filled with lots of school work and I also had the flu at the beginning of the month. It was awfullllllll. I still remember how painful the aches in my body were. We celebrated both my mom and step dad’s birthdays! They are three days apart so we always celebrate them together. Boston also had a 70 degree day at the end of the month!
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March was a whirlwind month. First, Ed Sheeran’s new album came out! And you can bet I cried. We celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday with brunch and bowling! It was spring break and during it I had septoplasty surgery! Unfortunately, my amazing grandfather passed away towards the end of the month from cancer. It was so difficult to deal with, and to be quite honest, I’m still struggling. We got to say goodbye, but it’s just awful to lose someone you love. Even though it was due to sad circumstances, I got to see my cousin who lives in South Carolina. I also attended my last Greek Awards Banquet!
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April was my last month of college and of course I was feeling a whirlwind of emotions. My brother and I went to a Celtics game and it was really fun, even though they lost. I celebrated Easter with my family. My sorority participated in Relay for Life (I loved doing that every year). And I had my last undergrad Founder’s Day Brunch with my sorority. I’ll be attending in 2018, just as an alum!
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In May I changed my blog from “The Road Less Traveled” to “The Post-Grad Life” because I GRADUATED COLLEGE. I still can’t believe how fast those five years went by. I miss it every day! My Sorority had our senior goodbye and I cried the whole night. Being with my sisters was the best part of college, so it was so heartbreaking. I went and saw the ballet with two of my best friends! We had our senior week activities and I got to have delicious drinks on a boat in Boston. May was a fun month, but still so sad.
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June was a really hard month for me. It’s when my anxiety came back full force, I was depressed, and I just couldn’t get it together. I turned 23 on June 9 and thats pretty much all I did for the month. It was a hard month, one that I really don’t like thinking about too much.
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July was another tough month. But there were a few good moments too. I spent every morning at radiation with Nonna. She had to go every day for most of the month (minus weekends) so it was a lot of driving with her. I celebrated The Fourth of July on the lake with some of my favorite people! And I hung out with my perfect little, Melanie!
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August was the month I had my graduation party. I was so sick the day before and I was pretty out of it during the party. It kind of sucks because I couldn’t wait for it to be over, but I wanted to enjoy it.
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I started Grad School in September and that’s pretty much all I remember about the month.I celebrated my friend Mollie’s birthday with some of my sorority sisters! I also carved pumpkins with my friends and was just trying to get through the amount of work I had for school. Grad school isn’t a joke, kids! I was also having a tough time with my anxiety, and decided to share about it here. The best part of September was finding out that Nonna was cancer free!!!!
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October was another month filled with homework but also a few fun things in between. I had a reunion with three of my childhood best friends and our moms! We now hang out once a month and have a girls night and it’s so fun! I also welcomed a grand little and great great grand little to my sorority lineage! Shout out to my sisters for still including me in everything they can! Celebrated Halloween as Magenta from Rocky Horror and watched a LOT of Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits, and Ghost Hunters!
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I finished my first term of Grad school in November and it felt great! We celebrated Thanksgiving with Nonna but it was the first one without Grampy, and that was tough. I also did a fall photoshoot with my sorority sisters. I love them so much!
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December was another month of homework! But it was also a month of watching Christmas movies, Rewatching both The Office and Parks and Rec, and just trying to get through each day without stressing out too much! I had the stomach bug right before Christmas, which sucked, but it was a 24 hour bug so I got through it. My Grand little and Great great grand little were both initiated into the sorority, and I was so happy for them! I went to my friend’s Christmas party! And we celebrated Christmas! It was a good month!
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And that is 2017 in Review! What a year it has been. Emotional, hard, stressful, and just rough. I’m really looking forward to a fresh start and hoping to have a great year. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!




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