2018 Resolutions & January Goals

Happy 2018, my friends! I’m here today to share my Resolutions for the year and also my January goals! I really love the feeling of a fresh start that the new year brings. And I’m really hoping to make 2018 a much better year than 2017 was. Here are my goals!


1. Complete my Masters
2. Get a job
3. Write at least 50 blog posts

1. Lose weight
2. Feel better about myself
3. See a therapist

1. Read 50 Books
2. Do a challenge a month (post about this coming soon)
3. Try a new tea flavor every month


1. Read every day | Even if its just for 20 minutes. I miss reading, and didn’t get to do too much of it last year. This year I’m changing that!

2. Sign up for the gym | I signed up for a gym near my house, but there were more cons that pros, so I decided to leave. I’m going to be signing up for a cheaper gym now!

3. Try a new tea flavor | I love tea, but I never really branch out from my usual chamomile. So I want to try new flavors every month this year.

4. Have a “me night” once a week | I burn out and stress out so easily, so this one night of no homework is necessary

5. Cook more | Recently, I’ve been sick of ordering out and just eating crappy food. I’m looking forward to making my own meals. That’s one thing I miss about having my apartment, so I’m going to start cooking my own meals at my parents house.


Those are my goals and resolutions! What are some things you want to accomplish this year?



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