February Goals

Happy February! I’m here today to share my February Goals! I’m excited for this month, because it’s 28 days of working towards goals and bettering myself! I was nervous to do a recap of my January goals, but now that I am looking at it, I’ve completed four out of five!

1. Read every day | Even if its just for 20 minutes. I miss reading, and didn’t get to do too much of it last year. This year I’m changing that! || YES! I read every day and I am so happy about this! I finished five and half books in January and I’m just really happy that I took the time to do this! 

2. Sign up for the gym | I signed up for a gym near my house, but there were more cons that pros, so I decided to leave. I’m going to be signing up for a cheaper gym now! || CHECK. Guys, I did it! Proud of myself!

3. Try a new tea flavor | I love tea, but I never really branch out from my usual chamomile. So I want to try new flavors every month this year. || Yup! I tried Honey Vanilla Chamomile and did not like it, sadly. But, I still tried something new!

4. Have a “me night” once a week | I burn out and stress out so easily, so this one night of no homework is necessary || Also check! I thrive from alone time, so these nights are so beneficial for me!

5. Cook more | Recently, I’ve been sick of ordering out and just eating crappy food. I’m looking forward to making my own meals. That’s one thing I miss about having my apartment, so I’m going to start cooking my own meals at my parents house. || No. The only one I didn’t accomplish, but that’s okay!

Now onto my goals for February!

  1. Read three books | I want to continue reading every day, but I if I miss a day or two it’s okay!
  2. Celebrate my mom and step dad’s birthdays | They are only three days apart so we always celebrate their birthdays together!
  3. Reorganize my Christmas decorations | I kind of just threw everything into a bin after the holidays, but I want to go through them and organize everything when the time comes, decorating will be easy!
  4. Write blog posts through March | I want to get ahead this month because March is such a busy month for me!
  5. Get a facial | I’m trying to do this more often because they really do help my skin, and I like pampering myself!

That’s it for this month! Let me know your goals!



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