Currently {February}

Anticipating// Opening night! I haven’t mentioned that I’m in a musical on here yet, but…. I am! We are less than three weeks away from opening night and I’m so excited! I know I’ll be crying when it ends, so I’m savoring every second!

Enjoying// College vloggers on Youtube! I really miss being in college, so seeing these day in the life videos makes me happy and brings me back to the good old days!

Making// Lists on lists on lists. I have so much to do in the next few weeks and I feel like I have no motivation or time to do them all. I’m feeling a little drained today, so I’m hoping to take the beginning of this week a little slow before the craziness hits this weekend. 

Planning// The next few weeks…which are going to be crazy. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Buying// Nothing because I’m trying to save money!

Watching// I’m rewatching How I Met Your Mother right now (thanks Hulu!) and you guys…this show brings out the worst in me. I’m so emotionally attached to it. I cry during every episode lol.

Loving// Searching for new music on Spotify. I usually listen to the same few songs from 2007 and Ed Sheeran. So, branching out has been weird, but fun!

Hoping// To get a little energy back. I am just sooooo tired today. I need an energy boost!

Hating// How I feel like I have no time to focus on blog work because I feel guilty if I’m doing anything besides homework. I need a better work/life balance, but I also get so anxious if I’m falling behind. Grad school is intense, guys!

Working on// Homework, as usual!





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