Catching Up!

So, it’s been awhile…

March was a whirlwind month and I still cannot believe how fast it has gone by!

I was planning out the month of April, and I realized that I’ve only blogged once this month. I am planning on getting back on track in April, but I figured I should update you all on what’s been going on!

So back at the end of February I had a weird “health scare”. I fainted/blacked out almost 11 times in one day and it kept happening throughout the week.

I went to my doctor and she set up a few appointments with other doctors to see if they could figure out what was going on. They said it was probably dehydration, but I drink a lot of water, so I was skeptical.

These tests were so fun! *Sarcasm*

As you can imagine, I was freaked out. The feeling of fainting or almost fainting is absolutely awful. Your vision goes black and you lose your hearing, and then your whole body feels hot and you can’t breath. I was scared to drive or to leave my house really.

I saw a heart doctor and did blood work, it all came back fine. He told me that I have really low blood pressure in general, so if anything triggers me, it decreases more and that can cause fainting. He told me to stay hydrated and to put salt on everything.

I’m not someone who uses a lot of salt, so it’s been a weird adjustment. However, it’s only happened once or twice since that appointment, so maybe i’m doing something right?

Throughout all of that, I was just a nervous wreck. I assumed something awful was wrong with me, but I’m really lucky that everything seems to be okay *fingers crossed*.

I was also in a musical during March, and it was my first show since my freshman year of college!

My theater group did Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and it was a hit! We’re doing an encore performance in two weeks because we sold out every night!

Not only did we have a bunch of rehearsal, but I also had midterms during show week. Andddd I hurt my leg during rehearsal, so I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk, let alone dance!

[These pajama pants are from Target and they are the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever owned]

Doing theater again really solidified my love for performing and being on stage. I thought I’d lost interest after stopping in college, but now I realize how much I enjoy it. I never want to stop!

So that was March. It may not see like a lot, but it was draining and I’m still exhausted! Hoping April is a little more relaxed but with an encore presentation of our show and finals, I doubt it!



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