May Goals

How is it May? I feel like I just sat down to write my April goals, but now, it’s the fifth month of the year?! It’s honestly crazy to me! I just can’t believe I’m writing my May Goals today! So, let’s review my goals from April!

April Goals Review:

  1. Write one line a day || I only got half-way through the month with this one
  2. Read 3 books || Read two!
  3. Spring clean my room || Done-ish
  4. Buy a new desk chair || I couldn’t find one I liked, any suggestions? Send them my way!
  5. Organize my desktop || Done!
  6. Catch up on blog posts || Eh. I’m so behind on reading blogs, so I need to take some down-time to do it!

Now, on to my May Goals!

  1. Utilize twitter more || I sometimes forget that I even have a twitter account, but when I remember, I try and tweet with all of you! I’m going to try to tweet every day, I’ll put a reminder in my phone so I don’t forget, and then maybe it will become a habit by June!
  2. Eat *mostly* healthy || Memorial day is this month, and I love me a good BBQ. So, I’m going to reward myself on Memorial Day with some yummy (not so healthy) treats if I can eat mostly good the rest of the month!
  3. Workout || I don’t care if it happens only two times this month, I need to be more active.
  4. Listen to a Podcast a Day || I love podcasts, but sometimes choose rewatching Dance Moms for the millionth time instead of listening. So I’m going to take time each day this month to listen to one! Send me some of your favorites! At the end of the month I’ll share mine!
  5. Organize my closet || The rest of my spring cleaning, and I want to do it this month!
  6. Read 4 Books || Can I do it? I hope!!


That’s all for this month! I am trying to incorporate more balance into my life. I always focus wayyyy to much on school (not a bad thing) but then I never do things I enjoy. So this month, I’m hoping to change that!

What are some of your goals this month?



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