We Need to Stop Romanticizing Exhaustion

There are days where I want to be super productive and get every single thing on my to do list done. Then, there are days where I want to rest, relax and take a breather because the exhaustion is just too much.

So often we find ourselves exhausted, and letting everyone know. I’ll be the first to admit that I do this almost daily. I can’t seem to help myself. It feels like I’m in competition with everyone to see who did the most, who worked the most hours, who slept the least. It’s been this way for a long time. But why?

Why do we feel as though we need to be tired to live a fulfilling life? We shouldn’t have to work into the late hours just to feel satisfied. And why do we allow our bodies, who need rest, to get little to none of it?

In college, I remember complaining about being up late due to all of the work I had. And someone would mention that they were up even later or did more than I did. I would get so mad at myself. Why didn’t I push myself to stay up longer? Why did I allow myself that nap after only getting three hours of sleep the night before? That’s insane.

Our bodies need time to rejuvenate. I know I’ll have a bad mental health day after a few too many late nights. So, why do I keep doing it to myself?

In the United States, it’s almost frowned upon to take vacations or sick days. We are expected to work 8-10 hour days and then sometimes take that work home. Sometimes not even being able to fit in things we actually enjoy.

Like zombies, we go through the motions day by day and crave the weekends where we can sleep a little more or do something we love. Just for it to be Sunday night again and have those Sunday scaries set in.

I can’t even tell you how many times I hear the words “I’m exhausted” every single day. Even in my own head. Why do we think we have to get to that point of exhaustion to feel satisfied and productive? It’s actually crazy to me that we allow ourselves to get to that point.

We need to stop romanticizing exhaustion and start prioritizing rest and relaxation.




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  1. Completely agree with this, great post!o

    1. kailamallard says: Reply

      Thank you!!

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