November Goals

Happy November my friends! I say it every month butttt I cannot believe its actually November! Time REALLY flies! Here are my November Goals! Be sure to share some of yours in the comments!!

  1. Start using my Fitbit again || I spend most of my day sitting and doing work, but I know I feel better when I actually get up and move a bit. 
  2. Finish most of my Christmas shopping || I already have a few people done, but I want to finish most of it by the end of the month so I’m not super stressed 
  3. Work on Blogmas content and finish it || I always get half-way through Blogmas but never finish so this year will be the first year I actually complete it!
  4. Create my DCP packing list || I move to Florida in two months and I’m already stressed about what to pack. Once I have a list going it will be so much easier for me to focus on other stuff!
  5. Read 3 books || Winter/festive reads are some of my favorite kinds of books so I’m hoping to read a few this month!
  6. Start up my Youtube channel || I plan on vlogging my DCP and maybe vlogging during December, so I want to get my channel set up and ready for it!
  7. Send out Christmas cards || I’m in charge of the family Christmas cards so I like to have them done by the end of the month so they are ready to go out by December 1st!



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