2019 Resolutions and January Goals!

HAPPY 2019! A new year means a fresh start for me! And writing down my resolutions and goals for the year help keep me accountable! You guys know I love making monthly goal lists, so this post is probably no surprise! Today I want to share my goals for the year and then my monthly goals for January! The end of this month means a big move for me, so I’m hoping to get a good portion of those goals done before I move to Florida for the Disney College Program!

Let’s start with my Resolutions for 2019! I broke them down into categories to keep better track of them!


Word of the Year: GROWTH

Complete my DCP bucket list
Read 25+ Books
Teach myself piano
Learn new things

Stop being depressed
Lose weight
Sign up & stick to weight watchers
Get healthy, physically & mentally

Blog/Social Media
Work with 2 brands
Make 20 YouTube Videos
Write 100 Blog Posts
Make a media kit

Get closer to finishing my Masters
Get good grades

Apply to jobs after the DCP
Re-Do my resume

Save money
Come back from Florida with some money left
Make and stick to a budget

Go to D.C.
Go to Italy
Go to Scotland



  1. Read 4 books
  2. Finish packing a few weeks before I leave
  3. Keep up with bullet journal
  4. Go to 15 spin classes
  5. Write 10 blog posts
  6. Post 4 YouTube videos
  7. Spend as much time with my family as possible


So that’s it for this month! Don’t you just love a fresh start?! I’m starting 2019 on a positive note so hopefully it will be a good year! What are your resolutions and goals?



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