5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I’ve been working on blog posts today and realized I haven’t posted a 5 on Friday in a really long time! These are some of my favorite posts to read because you get a little inside look into the mind of the blogger and what’s been going on in their life! I haven’t really shared a life update with you guys in a while so here’s some things thats happened in my life the past month!


    If you’ve been following for awhile, you may remember that my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago and it’s been an ongoing battle for her ever since. She’s suffered so much but has been so strong. In the middle of December she had a pet scan to see if it was clearing up and the doctors found NOTHING on her scan! A Christmas miracle for us! She will still be going for preventative infusions but for now, she is cancer free and we are all so grateful!
  2. A Christmas in the hospital

    Speaking of Nonna, on Sunday December 23 I went downstairs to say goodnight to her. She was shivering and asked me to turn up the heat for her, so I did. I went to give her a hug and felt her forehead burning it. So I took her temp and it was at 104.5 which is very high. We called her doctor and they told us to take her to the emergency room to get checked out. Well, turns out she had a pneumonia and was hospitalized for four days because of it. Obviously her immune system is very weak due to chemo treatments so she had to stay in the hospital over Christmas. It was an exhausting four days for my mom and I. We took her into the hospital at 11pm on Sunday and didn’t leave until 5:30am Monday morning. Then we went home for three hours of sleep and ended up back at the hospital with her. We were tired. Now she’s home and feeling much better!
  3. FODMAP diet 
    I’ve been having a lot of stomach issues for years and always thought it was normal to feel sick all of the time. Well, turns out its not. My doctor referred me to a GI specialist and I went to my appointment the other day. They took blood and unfortunately I’ll have to get a colonoscopy this month (i’m dreading it). But until then, my doctor suggested I try looking into a low fodmap diet. You can read more about it here. If any of you have ever tried it please let me know! It seems really hard but at this point I’m willing to try anything!
  4. Packing is STRESSFUL
    I’m moving to Florida to participate in the Disney College Program in just 17 DAYS! I’m so excited but also stressed because packing is SO HARD. I’m flying down so I can only bring a few suitcases with me. Fitting my life into a couple of suitcases seems impossible. However, I’m getting close to being done. Most of my clothes are packed and I’ll be packing up most of my shoes this weekend! I’ll also be posting a DCP packing list on Monday so make sure to come back here to check that out!
  5. Bullet Journaling
    I’ve recently gotten back into bullet journaling and I’m really loving how creative I can be with it! I’m hoping that the system works well for me while I’m in Florida! If you bujo, what are some of your favorite instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

That’s it for today! What have you been up to this week? The first week of the New Year always feels so motivating to me! Let’s get shit done this weekend friends!



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