March Goals

Happy March 1st friends! Yesterday I went to urgent care because I wasn’t feeling too good and tested positive for the flu *insert crying emoji here* so these next few days are going to consist of me laying in bed and sleeping a lot. But once I’m healthy again I can’t wait to accomplish some of the goals I have planned for this month! Here are my March goals!

  1. Try yoga || My body gets pretty sore from all of the standing & walking I do at work and I’ve heard that yoga really helps with flexibility and your mental health so I really want to try it out!
  2. Read at least three books || Pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Read every day || To go along with #2. It’s hard to find time to read but my mornings are usually free so I want to take some time every day to read a little bit.
  4. Bring Lunch/Dinner to work || I was really good about this in the beginning but started slacking a little bit. I don’t want to buy food at work at all this month.
  5. Increase Instagram engagement || Instagram has been hiding my posts recently so I want to try and fix that and engage more with my followers! You can follow me here btw (shameless plug).
  6. Take a TON of pictures || I want the memories!!
  7. Enjoy Disney with my brother & parents || They’re all coming to visit me at some point this month and I am SO excited! I can’t wait to experience the magic with them!

Those are my goals for this month! What are some of yours?




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