I’m Back in Boston!!

So I’m officially back in Massachusetts! My Disney College Program is over and I am back home and settled in! I cannot believe it, and it still feels weird to be home. I feel like I’m supposed to pack up and go back, but I’m not! I plan on talking about my program more in depth in future blog posts (if that’s something you guys want to read)!

Yesterday was my first time back in the city since before leaving for Florida. I actually cried while walking down Newbury Street. Downtown was my home for five years while in college and I miss it so much. Being back in the city made me so happy!

I met up with my best friend and her mom for lunch! She is doing her Masters program in Scotland but was home for a few days so I had to make sure I got to see her before she left again!

After lunch I walked around for a bit. It felt so good to be in Boston and memories were flooding back as I walked by the Public Garden and through the Common. Boston is seriously my most favorite place in the world and I never want to leave again. I love my home so much.

Here’s to my next adventure!



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