Currently {July}

Anticipating// Being able to breath out of my nose again!!!!

Enjoying// My new Bath and Body Works candle “berry waffle cone” it smells SO good!

Making// A few graphics for the blog!

Planning// What I want to buy when I go to the grocery store this week

Buying// I have a haul from the Nordstrom anniversary sale coming up! Make sure you follow me on instagram! I’ll be posting everything I bought on there! 

Watching// Stranger Things season 3! I’m behind but trying to catch up when I can!

Loving// My new desk chair! It’s so comfy and sooo much better than the metal folding chair I’ve been using for years.

Hoping// To get to bed early tonight!

Hating// Nothing!!

Thanks for reading, friends! Make sure to answer some of these in the comments so we can get to know each other a little better!



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