8 Things To Do On a Rainy Fall Day

I love rainy days when I can stay at home and do nothing! I always say that I will be productive but I usually just do things that make me feel relaxed and cozy! I will usually get into cozy sweatpants or pajamas and do one of the things on this list! So, today I’m sharing 8 things to do on a rainy fall day!


  1. Read a book 

    I say it all of the time so you all already know but I love to read! I’ve shared so many different posts on here with book suggestions! So, grab that book you’ve been meaning to finish and read it throughout the day!
  2. Color

    Coloring is so relaxing and there are so many adult coloring books out there! It gives you something to do while also reminding you of your childhood and bringing out your inner creative!
  3. Watch a movie/Binge watch a TV show

    There are so many movies and TV shows out there for us to watch on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc. So grab a snack and binge a show or watch a movie you already know and love! Take the time to just sit on the couch and numb your brain for a little bit!
  4. Get a facial or massage 

    My favorite thing to do is to treat myself to a facial and a massage. You feel so relaxed and cozy while doing something for yourself! When it’s raining it just makes the vibe even more relaxing! Look into Groupon for a discount at your local spa!
  5. Do your nails

    Sometimes the act of painting my nails really relaxes me and also makes me feel pretty. I love having my nails done and if you’re stuck in the house you don’t have to worry about driving while your nails dry!
  6. Take a class online

    I love to learn and I always take advantage of it when I have extra time! I will usually google a topic I’m interested in (mostly history or social media) and look for free classes to take. I also use Skill Share (not sponsored) all of the time to take classes! They have an array of topics from design to productivity and i’m always finding an interesting class to take on there!
  7. Do an at-home work out

    I really don’t want to leave the house when it’s raining, so instead of going to the gym I will look up a workout on Youtube and will get it done at home!
  8. Take a nap

    I’m the first person to suggest taking a nap whenever possible! So, shut the lights off, get in some cozy pajamas, jump in bed and take a nice long nap!





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