November Goals

HAPPY NOVEMBER FRIENDS! You guys, I’m a little sick knowing that there are only two months left OF THIS DECADE. That is SO wild to me! 2019 flew by and I have to say it’s probably been my favorite year! I just can’t believe that it’s almost over! I have a lotttttt of things I want to get done this month so let’s talk about my November goals!



  1. Post on YouTube || I tried to be a vlogger last year but my life is just so boring! However, I think Youtube is one of the best social media platforms and I want to get back to posting some videos!
  2. Work on blog (behind the scenes) || I have a lot of “behind the scenes” work to get done for this little blog and I want to work on it a lot in November!
  3. Read 4 books (bonus for 5) || If I can read four books this month I will be so happy
  4. Decorate for Christmas || Because DUH! I’ll make sure to share my decorations with you guys!
  5. Read every single day || How I plan to achieve goal # 3!
  6. Utilize Instagram stories more often || I love watching instagram stories but I don’t post on there as much as I want to.
  7. Send out Christmas cards || Those are almost done, too! I want them out of the house before December!
  8. Cut back on take out || I order lunch almost every day and it is getting a little ridiculous. Hoping to cut back A LOT on that this month!
  9. Keep a gratitude log || Because it is the month of giving thanks!
  10. Closet/room clean out || Because I own way too much shit and I want it all gone!

So those are my goals for the month! It seems like a lot but I have faith that I can get it done!

What are your goals for November?



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