Virginia and Washington D.C. || Photo Dump

Sometimes I miss the old days of blogging where I would just upload a bunch of pictures I took and talk about my life. I used to document pretty much everything on here but I stopped when I noticed a lot of other bloggers stopped too. I still love posting content that is useful and inspiring, but I really want to start talking about my every day life again. So, that’s the plan for today’s post.

I went to Virginia and D.C the first week of march to visit one of my Disney College Program roommates who lives out there. Four of us met up and had such a fun trip. It was only three full days, but we did a lot and had a blast being together again. I miss living with them so much and it felt like we had never left once we were back with each other!

Brooke and Sam came to visit me and Christy in Boston back in October so it was our turn to head out towards them! We spent the first day in Virginia and ate at First Watch (my favorite!!) We used to go there in Florida all the time and unfortunately Boston doesn’t have one so I had to eat there while I had the opportunity. We also took advantage of Starbucks happy hour (of course) and just hung out for most of the day! Then we went to dinner at Glory Days and it was DELICIOUS.

Virginia is really pretty and I could totally see myself living there (no worries though, Boston has my heart forever).

We decided to go to D.C. while down there because Brooke only lives about 2 hours away! I had never been before and it was always one of the main things on my bucket list so I was SO excited!

As a former history major, I was in my element! I cried and got so emotional seeing all of the amazing places that have so much meaning to our country. I am so happy I got to go! We saw the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The WWII Memorial and a bunch of other landmarks!

We also went to the American History Museum and I was in AWE. I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember, and I was so excited to be there! The American History museum is home to the original ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz and they restored them. There were so many interesting and cool exhibits! We got to see every first lady’s inauguration dress too! And Lincoln’s hat that he wore when he was shot. I can’t even begin to tell you how emotional I was the entire time. I was thriving!

The next day we went to get breakfast and then to see the White House. We couldn’t get too close but it was still pretty surreal to see it in person. We also saw the Treasury building which made me emotional because of Alexander Hamilton of course!!

We stopped at Chic-fil-a on the way back to Virginia and spent the rest of the day relaxing because I had to be up at 4am for my flight!


And that was my quick trip for spring break!

Now I’m sitting home and social-distancing myself to do my part! It’s getting pretty scary here with the amount of COVID-19 cases going around and I just want to keep my loved ones and myself as safe and healthy as possible!



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