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Wow! I feel like it has been forever since I’ve written a life update blog post! So much has happened this year and I feel like I haven’t talked about it at all! 2020 has been a shit-show, but also the year where I’ve really prioritized my physical and mental health, which is something that was very neglected up until quarantine started. I used to really enjoy writing posts like this! I would write them weekly because I really loved sharing my day-to-day life with you all while I was in college! I think I’ll start throwing them into the mix every so often again. My life is pretty boring because all I do right now is work, school and barely ever leave the house (thanks Covid) but I’m sure I’ll be able to put together a few thoughts every now and then! This will probably be out of order but my head is a jumbled mess right now so bare with me!

  • Let’s start off with the big one– I’m back in grad school. I stopped school when I went to work in Disney World and didn’t want to start back up again when I came back because I was working an exhausting full-time job. I figured during quarantine it would be the best time to start back up again. I should finish by next June as long as everything stays on track which is exciting to know! It’s tiring and honestly not that fun but I’m glad to be back and to have some structure to my life again. I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the days where I don’t have to work all day and spend all night doing homework. I miss not stressing about it haha!
  • Our daycare was officially closed down on March 12 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was closed down for a total of four months! It was so weird to think that we would only be closed for a few weeks and then it went on to months of no work. I honestly loved every second of it and I’ll admit that I miss it so much. I really don’t think I was cut out for this whole “work every day until you die” type of thing lol (just kidding mom, I promise I can take care of myself I’m just lazy). We opened back up at the end of July and I’ll tell ya…. I’m not a fan. The new EEC regulations we have to follow are INSANE and we are constantly cleaning and trying to keep the kids apart. It is so SO hard. I don’t think people understand just how difficult it is.
  • Speaking of Covid, it’s a very real thing. My dad had it back in April and even though he is extremely high risk he is totally okay. He actually just had a small surgery two weeks ago for kidney stones that were giving him some trouble but he’s feeling so much better now that they’re gone. He’s been through so much and is SO strong. He broke his knee and leg back on Super Bowl Sunday and ended up having a 6 hour surgery to fix it. It was supposed to be only an hour but it ended up being way worse than the doctors thought so it took a lot longer. He ended up having to go to a rehab right after to learn to walk again and was in there for over five weeks. It was a crazy time. He got out in April and then was diagnosed with COVID. I ended up having to get tested too because I had picked him up from the rehab and brought him to get tested. He only went for the test because he needed physical therapy to go to his house and they wanted to have a test done first. He didn’t even have any symptoms! It’s just such a crazy time.
  • During our time off I decided it was time to really work on myself. I had been so depressed, anxious, stressed, exhausted and honestly just miserable. I needed to get it together because I was really close to a breakdown. During quarantine I started working out regularly and it has made a huge different in my mental health. I used to laugh when people would tell me that working out would help with my anxiety and depression because why would it? I hated doing it unless it was spin classes and sometimes going to the gym and the sporadic times I did go it did nothing for me. Well, who would have guessed an actual workout routine where I worked out a few times a week and stuck to it would actually help me feel SO much better? It definitely isn’t the cure, but working out, sleeping better and taking my anxiety meds seem to be a good combination for me right now. I honestly love doing it now. I worked out every single day and it feels so good. I actually feel like shit if I don’t work out now!
  • Speaking of working out, I started doing the 75 Hard Challenge that I kept seeing all over Tik Tok. 75 Hard is a mental toughness challenge that consists of a few rules you have to follow every day for 75 days. If you don’t do one, you have to start over. Today is day 39 and I can’t believe I’m half-way through! I talk more about it here if you’re interested in learning more!
  • We celebrated my Nonna’s 87th birthday on August 3! She is the best woman I know and truly deserves the world! It was just us, but it was such a special day! I love her so much!
  • I’ve been planning content like crazy but it’s just hard trying to find the time to work on it all. I’m trying really hard to figure out my new routine with work starting up again but it all still feels crazy and all over the place. I have a final due this week and a final due next week but I’m hoping to sit down at some point this week and really work on a schedule I can follow so that I can get everything I want to do done!
  • I started a new instagram account dedicated to sharing History. There is so much misinformation out there and history is one of my passions, so I figured it would be a fun little side project to work on! You can follow it here!

  • Oh I can’t believe I forgot but I turned 26 back in June! Yup, that means being kicked off my parent’s insurance and being wayyyy to close to 30 than i’d like to admit. I still feel like a child, so it’s really hard for me to come to terms with my age lol but it was a nice relaxing day! And my best friend made me this beautiful drawing of Rapunzel’s tower.

That’s all for now, folks! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Remember to stay safe & wear a mask!



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