Love List {5}

Happy Saturday and start of your 4th of July weekend! It’s my favorite weekend of the summer and it just means we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas 😉  As I write this I’m laying in bed elevating my sprained ankle and sniffling/coughing due to a throat infection. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better ASAP.  Here […]

Love List {4}

Happy Saturday all! I’m coming at you with another weekly love list post! This is where I share things/items/moments from the week that I’ve been loving! Make sure to participate and leave some of your weekly faves in the comments below!  1. American Eagle Demin X Hi-Rise Shortie  Every pair of denim shorts I own […]

July Goals

I’ve been on summer break for two months now and what have I done? Barely anything. I work in my moms daycare and that’s about it. I decided to make some goals this July to motivate me (I like to check things off of lists). 1. Work out 5x a week I have a gym […]


Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologize but I think my brain needed some time to recover from finals before I could brain storm any ideas. So I guess I’ll give you guys a recap post because I love to read them so I assume everyone else does too. I may be wrong […]